Mobile app developers in India must try to incorporate the following technologies as much as possible in order to come up with great apps.


For any mobile app development project to be complete, it will be important to incorporate location-based services. Regardless of the type of app that is being designed, it will be crucial to find the location of the customer so that it becomes easier to suggest updates. Location-based services are especially important for apps that provide news, make comparisons suggest itineraries etc. Location-based services are meant to send out personalized offers to users thereby making it more personal and effective.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing refers to syncing the various devices and transferring data between them. This is an important technology to incorporate, as it will be easier for people to transfer information from one device to another. It helps them manage the information better and be in a position to effortlessly transfer data. This helps in clearing up the space and ensuring the person has direct access to the information present on the different devices. Cloud computing is now a big part of all apps, big or small, and should be made an important factor while building apps.

Data analytics

Data analytics provides you with information that is crucial for building apps. Data analytics tells you what your customers want and how they are treating particular apps. You can have an idea of who is downloading what app and how they are using it. Based on this information, you can build apps that are sure to be a hit with the masses.

AR and VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality are the next biggest technologies to get incorporated into apps. Augmented reality and virtual reality are widely used to create gaming apps but can be diversified and used for apps pertaining to health care, education etc. These will provide the user with better experiences and give them a chance to bring technology closer to reality.


It is the era of wearable devices. With more and more companies adopting this trend, it will be best to incorporate it into your apps as much as possible. You will be required to build apps that can be synced with wearable devices so that it is easier for people to use them on the move.


Swift is the new language that more and more iPhone developers are using to build their apps. It is simple yet effective and helps builders build efficient apps. Although it faces tough competition from objective C, it is still regarded as one of the best languages to use.

These form the different technologies to bear in mind while designing mobile apps. But remember that these will change from time to time and you have to remain up to date with it.

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