Software development companies in India are now looking to adopt comprehensive software development methodologies. Here are a few techniques that software developers can adopt to make their work easy.

Waterfall method

This is a traditional method that requires a linear flow. It starts with the requirement analysis and ends with the maintenance phase. This technique is best to use as it helps in seeking out hurdles as also opportunities for software development. It will be easier to test and analyze the software thereby saving time.

Prototype methodology

A prototype is developed based on the requirements of clients. The prototype allows the client to get a feel of the end product and whether it conforms to their requirements. This type is recommended for larger companies that have complicated systems. This ensures that the final product caters to the client’s requirements and is overall quite efficient.

Agile Life-cycle

The agile lifecycle is one that is divided into several iterations. Each of these iterations consists of the steps involved in waterfall method. Each of these iterations needs to be completed within a prefixed period of time.


RAD stands for rapid application development. It is also known as the incremental method for software development and is quite rapid in terms of execution. It provides quick results and ensures the customer is able to see positive output within a short period of time.

Spiral model

This model is synonymous with waterfall method. It involves risk testing after a particular software has been developed. This makes it great for all those who wish to stay away from high-risk ventures. But this method is slightly more expensive as compared to the others, therefore, making it a lesser preferred model.

As you can see, there are quite a few methodologies to pick from and you can choose whatever suits your needs best.

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  1. I am surprised with the different methods for developing a software. As a beginner I think I have to learn many things to become a good software developer in future. Thanks for sharing such a informative post.

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