IoT stands for Internet of Things. Different innovators use IoT while they develop the best products and services that are on offer in the 21st century. However, mobile app developers are the ones who make the most of IoT. So, how do app developers use IoT to make their job easier?

The speed at which mobile phones have spread across the globe is quite impressive. Since the early 2000s, the sales of mobile phones and smartphones, in particular, has grown at an exponential rate. Their growth rate outperforms that of any other digital device. Did you know that an average US consumer spends around 5 hours on their mobile phone daily? Well, most of the time spent on the mobile phone is on one app or the other. There is an app for pretty much anything you can think of these days. Mobile apps have made our lives easier.

IoT has managed to create a massive demand for and also incentivized investment in mobile phones and even the development of apps for this platform. Connectivity is a significant feature of IoT, and the same function enables developers to network and cooperates with one another across the globe. It has led to the formation of hubs of information and knowledge within the digital environment. IoT has given a huge progressive push to mobile development companies by creating a demand for mobile apps.

IoT is entrepreneur friendly, and it thrives on innovations that take place. It has helped to empower new and innovative businesses. One successful company that managed to merge IoT with mobile apps is Uber. It made use of the simple information that most of its customers own a smartphone. Uber can track potential customers and its massive fleet of drivers at the same time. A customer can quickly call for a ride with a simple swipe on the app.

It isn’t just Uber that managed to make the most of IoT; there are several other companies as well. Mobile users are quite fond of their apps, and they spend a lot of their time and money on these apps. All this is possible due to the seamless connectivity that IoT offers.

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