The threat of hacking is on the rise these days, and it is important to keep security in mind while you develop an app. Let us look at different steps that you can take to integrate security into the app during the mobile app development process.

  1. When you sketch the initial draft of an app, those responsible for development and security should make a note of all potential threats and vulnerabilities of the app. It is known as the preliminary analysis.
  2. The next stage is the definition phase. The security review team should work with the mobile app development team to identify the areas where the apps store sensitive information. It helps to plot the flow of data. Once they identify these threats, it is easy to eliminate or obliterate these threats. The developer should perform threat modeling at this stage.
  3. The next step is the design phase. Design scrutiny of the app helps to spot and rectify any flaws or risks in the initial stages of development itself. It shouldn’t be performed by an outsider and should be done by a member of the team. It helps to identify any small errors that exist.
  4. The development phase comes next. Scrutinize the code at this phase. Divide the code into different parts and then test each piece of the code to check for any loopholes and to fix any flaws that exist.
  5. The next stage of development is the deployment phase. At this phase, the team should perform a risk analysis to check the quality of the app before the users use it. Test the app before it goes live and be thorough.
  6. Once the team identifies the essentials necessary to minimize application risks and errors, it is critical to rank, analyze, and deploy these essentials. Start with the most inexpensive essential and slowly work your way up the list. Teams can quickly identify and fix the issues.
  7. Now, test the app against the standards set by the industry. This step is necessary to obtain a security certificate for the app. The developer gets to judge whether the app meets the criteria set or not. If it falls short of these standards, then the team can make some changes to the app. According to the category the app caters to, there are different standards set.

It is easy to make an app, but it is quite challenging to make sure that the app is safe and secure if you want to retain the app users.

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