Smartphones have now become an indispensable part of everyday life. Everybody now uses one thereby pushing the need for advanced apps. Let us look at some factors that will play a key role in iPhone app development in 2017.


Originality of iOS iPhone appOne of the first and foremost factors to play a big role will be originality. Most people tend to create apps that are copied from other popular apps. Such mimicking will not go far as people will be on the lookout for original ideas. Once the app has been submitted to the store, it will be categorized and pitted against other apps that are of similar nature. If there is already an established app in the market, then yours might find it difficult to survive. Originality and uniqueness are, therefore, key to establish your app in the market.

User interface

UI User interface of IOS appThe user interface of your app should be friendly and great to look at. It is believed that 80% of your app’s popularity will depend on its looks. You must make the effort of making your app look as good as it can get. At the same time, functionality plays an important part. Your customers should find it easy to navigate through the app and access various different features. You must go through other similar apps and pick up on the likes and dislikes in order to better your own app.

Cloud computing

Cloud Computing of applicationsCloud computing remains popular to this very day. Cloud computing involves creating apps that cannot only be accessed through different devices but also share content through connected devices.


Security of applicationIt will be extremely important to consider security while building apps. With more and more people using digital media to store important information, it becomes all the more necessary for apps to provide advanced security features.


IOS iPhone App TestingTesting is of vital importance. Not only will it help you find bugs in the software but also make it effective for future use. That is the exact reason why so many engineers are recruited to test out a particular software or app. Before its release, the app should be fixed for bugs and other issues that can compromise on its quality. There should be no room for error and the app should be updated, as soon as possible, with the requisite changes.

Future relevance

You have to think of the future before designing an app. One of the most important factors to govern a particular app’s popularity is its current use, as well as future relevance. Many apps get put down in the future owing to their poor performance or a change in technology. You have to build one that can be updated from time to time and incorporate the latest technology.


Simplicity is also a factor to consider while building an app. You must keep it simple to ensure your app is user friendly and easy to access. If you over complicate it then people will lose interest and uninstall the app in no time. You must test it out to check how easy it is to use the app and whether people will take a liking to it.

These form the various factors that will govern iPhone app development in 2017.

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