New Technologies in Mobile Application Development 2017

Mobile apps are now a part and parcel of everyday life and almost everybody uses one app or another. Most of these apps are built based on the current trend and people’s changing choices & ideas. And just like choices, technology changes considerably, making it important for developers to remain in touch with the latest advancements in the mobile application world.

Here is looking at some of the newest technology doing the rounds in the mobile app market.

Cloud Technology 

Cloud computing is one of the most used technologies these days and for good reason. With cloud technology, the developer can create apps that can be used on several different devices that are all connected to each other. This allows the user more flexibility in terms of using the app and avail full benefit. So, if you are working on an app, it is best to make use of cloud computing for the same.


Technology is now extremely versatile and people prefer to keep it as close to them as possible. This includes wearing the technology like a watch that is connected to the cellphone. Such flexibility provided to the user is sure to catapult the number of downloads your app experiences. For example, WhatsApp provides people the chance to check their messages on their wearable phones.

Hybrids Apps

Hybrid technology is now making a splash in the world of app development. Working across multiple languages and platforms allows the developer the chance to come up with apps that can be used on different devices. Having versatile knowledge on all the different technologies can help you come up with apps that can be used by a variety of people and businesses.

These make for some of the latest technologies to pursue when developing apps for phones.

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Expert Tips for Android Developer for Successful App Development

Android App DevelopmentDespite stiff competition from iOS and windows, android remains one of the most used mobile platforms in the world. Android is a smooth yet flexible platform for app developers to work with and allows them enough room to custom design android applications for specific purposes.

Android app development is now a multi-billion-dollar industry considering the number of apps that get made and released on a daily basis.

An android app development company focuses on creating new apps for companies and individuals based on the need of the season. Say for example if the football season is in full swing, then companies will come up with fantasy league apps and the like. Similarly, each company focuses on a different subject to come up with unique and diverse apps that are sure to be a hit with the masses.

Here are some tips for budding app developers to follow.

The Best App Idea will lead the competition 

If you want your app to survive in the market then you must make an effort to make it the best one. You will have to deal with stiff competition and the only way to popularise your app will be by coming up with one that is unique. You have to aim at beating out your competition to the highest possible extent in order to remain in business.

Being aware of the latest application Trend 

It is important to know about the trending topics and create apps that remain in line. Based on the most popular apps in the market, you can create supplementary or complementary ones. That way, you won’t feel pressured to compete with the trending app and have the freedom to come up with apps that lie in your zone of expertise.

As you can see, it is quite simple to come up with good apps, given you follow a few simple tips.

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Importance of Mobile Apps from Business Perspective

Apps are now an indispensable part of everyday life and make for an important part of routine business activities.Mobile Apps for Business

It is important for a company to incorporate the latest technology and use it to their advantage. As you know, apps are not only easy to use but also extremely efficient in terms of their impact.

You can make use of apps to increase your company’s potential and arrive at higher profits. Here is looking at specific reasons, from a business perspective that makes mobile apps an important part of day-to-day business.

Cost Saving 

It is extremely important to be as cost cutting as possible, especially in this day and age where everything remains quite expensive. By making use of specific apps that are designed to help in carrying out business in the desired manner, a company can effectively cut down on several types of costs including maintenance, production and miscellaneous. The money that is saved can be put to better use for the company’s development.


Mobile apps can help a company go from being mediocre to great in no time at all. Apps are developed for the sole purpose of making things easier. Say for example an engineer uses an app to make complex calculations within a short period of time, which manually would take a long time. Not only will the company benefit from it but also the engineer as he will have more scope to grow than to get stuck in any one place.

As you can see, mobile app development remains a booming business with app developers roaring to come up with different apps meant to serve different types of businesses.

IOS Development Trends 2016 – 2017

iOS continues to be one of the most used mobile platforms in the world and for good reason. Not only does it provide a plethora of options for the users but also offers developers the perfect base to develop new apps.

iOS App Development

Here is looking at 3 of the biggest iOS development trends for 2015-16.

App Security

One of the biggest developments in the world of iOS is app security. It is believed that a majority of the existing apps will not hold good owing to security issues and will require an overhaul. The latest trend involves developing apps that not just pass the basic security tests but also safeguard users against hackers. Sensitive information will be kept safe from and stave off identity thefts.

Location based Services

It is extremely important for people to avail relevant content based on their location. The latest trend involves making use of beacon technology to find out what someone is looking for based on their location. The provider can tap into the customer’s interests and make suggestions based on the same. The technology also helps app builders save on costs and provide better services to their customers.

TV/ Wearables

The next generation of developers is focusing on building apps that cater to the TV and wearables. Wearable devices are now extremely popular owing to their ease of use and the capacity to sync with your phone. The new apple TV is set to have a dedicated app store that will provide users with apps that will make for convenient and exciting television viewing.
As you can see, there is a lot to look forward to on the iOS platform in terms of both app building and providing tailor made services to customers.

What are the Benefits of Custom iPhone App Development

Custom iPhone application

iOS is known for their ability in providing custom services to users that makes them one of the most sought after platforms in the world.  Developers find it extremely convenient to develop new apps and provide customized services to users. This helps in many different ways, some of which are listed as under.

User Experience   

Customizing apps helps in enhancing user experience. Users will have the chance to avail information that serves their specific requirements. Say for example, a person located in California can look up local events and happenings around their place based on their location. This helps in saving their time and energy and makes for a comfortable app experience.

Cost Effective  

Customizing apps helps companies save on costs and efforts. A developer will find it easier to custom make apps for people by looking into their interests and provide relevant information. The company will be able to cut down on both effort and energy by seeking out personal information of the users and providing them with tailored services.


One big advantage of customizing apps is that it provides the users flexibility to avail it on their different platforms. They can access the apps from their portable devices and also access them from all the different devices that are connected through the cloud. The developer will not have to worry about customizing apps for the different devices and can work on just one that can serve for all the different devices.

These form just some of the advantages of customizing apps for customers and it is not limited to these. There are several other advantages that accompany customizing apps for customers that will help developers come up with both cost effective and easy to use apps.