Importance of Customization in Web App, Design & Development Work

Customized web development is now a booming business, as more and more consumers prefer to have their services customized. It has now become an indispensable part of mobile app development.

Customization refers to allowing the customers to customize the apps to their liking. This allows users to change the layout, colors, add a location, choose from different options etc. All of these will help the customer have a better experience. This is an important feature to incorporate, especially in this era of stiff competition where more and more app builders are looking to create unique and interesting apps.

Here is a look at the importance of customization in web app, design, and development work.

Freedom of making any required change

Customizing web apps gives the user much freedom. They do not have to surrender to what the app developer provides them and can customize the apps to their liking. This makes it more fun for the person as they can change the setting to their liking and preferences. Such freedom only helps people stick with the app for longer.

Can Organize as per our plan & design

Customization can help with organization. Organization helps in arranging the information in such a way that it helps people avoid going through a sea of unwanted data. For example, a person can skip through business news and have only sports news updated on their home screen. Such organization makes it much easier for people to use the apps and avoid redundancies. People can set up the screen to their liking and avoid unnecessary updates.

Location based services

Location-based services are easier to access thanks to customization. These services help people get specific suggestions that are catered to them. The customer can feed in their location in order to get these services. For example, if a person lives in a particular area then he or she will receive suggestions pertaining to that specific area. This will also make it easier for the app builder or company to make appropriate suggestions.

Sharing information

Security is extremely important. People store vital information on their phones and require apps that will keep this information safe. With the help of customization, it will be easier for people to safeguard their information and prevent it from leaking or getting shared. People will feel safe to use a particular app and customize it to their liking.

These form some of the uses of customizing web apps.

Latest Importance Tips Before Making An Android App – Stay Updated 2017

Android application is now booming and with good reason. It remains one of the most widely used and accepted platforms in the world. Android app developers need to bear in mind certain trends before developing apps. Some are as follows.

Location based services

GPS now forms a big part of mobile application development. The feature allows apps to locate a particular consumer with accuracy and make many different suggestions such as restaurants that are close by, events that are happening around them, find a cab etc. Apart from these, there are several other suggestions that can be made based on the person’s location thereby making it a great feature to incorporate into an app. These services mainly target youngsters who wish to remain updated with all the happenings taking place around them. This feature also allows companies to track their customer’s movement and be in a better position to suggest updates.

Big data

Big data tools will make for an indispensable part of application building in 2017. Data analytics refers to making use of tools to establish vital data. This data will be responsible for helping companies analyze and understand what their customers want and how they will react to a certain app. There are many tools available such as Google analytics, which helps developers to better understand customer psyche. Big data now plays a very big part in mobile app development making it one of the most important tools for budding designers to use.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing refers to using technology that seamlessly syncs various platforms and devices. It is one of the most important technologies to incorporate into more and more small and medium scale businesses making it a priority. Syncing multiple devices help people use the apps in a better manner. The app development cycle is greatly reduced thus making it ideal for developers to design apps faster.


Location-based services are now extremely popular. Tapping into a person’s GPS to know their location and suggesting appropriate events is now a big part of app development. It is crucial to consider this factor while designing apps in order to provide the best service.


The latest android update has made quite a splash and is being dubbed as one of the best software in the market. It is much faster, comes with efficient features and is easier to adopt. This makes it extremely easy for app builders to come up with effective apps that are not just easy to build but also provide great service to end customers. With more and more people switching to devices running Nougat, it will be best to build apps for this platform.

These form the different trends that will be a big part of android application development in 2017.

5 Things You Should Know Before Developing A Hybrid Mobile Application

Hybrid application development is now widespread. There are quite a few hybrid app development companies in India that provide hybrid app development services. If you are one such company looking to provide hybrid services then here are 5 things to bear in mind.

  1. Differences between Native & Hybrid

Difference native & hybrid appThe very first thing to know is the difference between native and hybrid apps. There are some codes that can only be used in the native domain and some in the hybrid/web domain. Some of the features such as photos, GPS, Facebook etc. can only be accessed through native apps.

  1. Future functionality of the app

futuristic mobile apps functionalityIt will be extremely important for you to consider the future functionality of your hybrid app. Most people consider only the current functionality and end up losing their apps. Several such once-useful hybrid apps have all been thrown into the dumps owing to their limited functionality. You must analyze the app from a future point of view to determine whether it will hold good.

  1. Limitations faced in Hybrid Apps

Limitations of mobile hybrid appsYou must understand that hybrid apps come with their fair share of limitations. For example, they come with lesser fluidity in terms of animation as compared to native apps. On the other hand, native apps can be a little slow as compared to hybrid apps. Each type comes with its own pros and cons and must be chosen after thorough research.

  1. App’s User interface

App User Interface Illustration DesignThe user interface will vary between two or more platforms. There will be many different criteria to consider before developing a hybrid mobile app. Some of these include the likes of back buttons, refresh, undo etc. All of this should be taken into account before building a hybrid app.

  1. Choosing the wrong frame

With hybrid apps, there is always the danger of choosing the wrong frame. Unlike native apps that come with well-established technology stacks, hybrid apps can use variable languages and methodologies. It becomes more and more difficult for a person to choose the right framework since they tend to change from time to time.

5 Tips For Hiring & Working With A Custom Mobile App Developer

More and more companies are now looking to hire mobile app developers, who are mostly hired for customized mobile application development. Here are a few tips to bear in mind before hiring customized mobile app developers for your company/business.

  1. Interest of the candidates towards the Job

First and foremost, ensure that you hire those who are interested in your company as a whole and not the project alone. They should have relevant experience and be in a position to suggest any changes that can make your app better. They would have worked with other companies with similar requirements and be able to provide useful tips.

  1. Test major Skill sets of the Developer

It will be important to check their skill set. The person should be good at UI/UX. Look at their history and the type of apps that they have created in the past. The user interface should be designed keeping in mind the final user. It should be both convenient to use and great to look at.

  1. Pricing – Think proficiently before deciding a budget based on task 

There is widespread misconception that higher the price, better the product. But this is not true, as a person charging higher fees might not provide a good product. You must set a specific budget before hiring the person. Check their past experience to ensure they are charging you the right price.

  1. Testimonials and recommendations

You can look for testimonials provided by other companies. Ask for client details so that you can look up the testimonials.  You can contact your friends for suggestions of developers that they have used in the past.

  1. Long term relationship

Look for developers that can build a long-term relationship with your company. Once you hire someone, it will be best to approach them again, as they will be aware of your needs. They will be able to devise better apps based on their experience.

These form some of the criteria to consider while choosing a mobile app developer.


Top 6 IOS App Trends Shaping Application Industry in 2017

There is a sharp rise in iPhone development companies in India with a growing demand for iPhone app developers. Here are top trends in the iOS applications shaping in the technology world industry in 2017.

IoT apps

iot IOS apps services

IoT technologies are now regarded as the next big thing in the world of app development. They have now turned sophisticated and quite reliable. Apple’s iBeacon technology is widely used in the commercial as well as retail space. The apple watch uses this technology and has created quite the buzz among enthusiasts.


iPAD to iPhone IOS GPS tracking

Although this technology is a couple of years old, it is slowly gaining popularity all over the world. The technology can be incorporated in a variety of places including automobiles, kitchen appliances, lighting etc. The technology allows users to connect their various appliances and control them from within their houses as also remotely. They can be connected to the washing machine, microwave, television etc.

Augmented reality

Augmented Reality with IOSAugmented reality is now becoming more and more popular owing to its diverse applicability. It enables integration of games into every individual activity. In the year 2017, augmented reality is bound to become an indispensable part of iOS technology. It will pave the path for 3D games and make it easier for developers to develop these games.

Security features

new mobile security features with IOSSecurity is now of vital importance especially in the world of apps. With more and more apps accessing personal information, it becomes important to safeguard such information. People tend to save their personal information pertaining to finances, pictures etc. on mobile apps thus making it all the more important for companies to provide them with extra security. iOS is now working on providing universal safety to all the apps that are available on the app store.

Cloud technology

Cloud technology in IOSCloud technology remains extremely popular and is treated as one of the most useful technologies for businesses and individuals to use during app building. Cloud technology allows the app to share data and information across many different devices that are all connected with each other. iOS app developers will find it easier to develop apps by using this technology.


Swift for iOS and MacSwift gained popularity within months after its release and remains one of the most popular iOS languages to develop apps. The language is easy to understand and can be used to develop advanced apps.

Know The Difference Between Native, The Web, & Hybrid Apps

Mobile application development in India is now a booming business. There are many individuals as well as companies that offer mobile app development services in India. If you are one such app developer then here are some concepts to understand.

Native apps

Native Application DevelopmentNative apps are designed specifically for a particular device and can be accessed through icons present on the home screen. They are downloaded from the app store such as android play store or apple app store. They are designed with the intention of serving any one particular platform. They will have access to the device’s features such as camera, GPS, contacts etc. They might also use gestures and are capable of working offline. If you are looking for wide range of accessibility then native apps will make for a good choice. It can also be used without a network connection. The user interface provided by these are much preferred to those provided by the web and hybrid apps.  However, it is a little difficult to maintain these apps.

Web apps

Web Application DevelopmentWeb apps are unlike regular apps and are more or less treated as websites. They are accessed through a browser and written using HTML5. Users access these like they would access any other web page. They will be given the option of installing it on their homepage so that it is easier to access. They come with their own set of accessibility options but might not provide as much access as other types of apps. However, these are easier to maintain and much cheaper as compared to native apps.

Hybrid apps

Hybrid Application DevelopmentHybrid apps are a combination of native and web apps. Most companies use hybrid apps as wrappers for existing apps. That way, they do not have to spend too much on building a new app. Hybrid apps provide cross-platform development, which is great for designers to use. Different types of hybrid apps are provided for different platforms such as android and iOS. The native aspect of hybrid apps will allow you to access several inbuilt features such as camera, GPS etc.

How To Make A Mobile App- Create An App In 12 Easy Steps

It is important for mobile app developers to follow certain steps in order to build effective mobile applications. The steps are as follows.

Step 1: Setting goals

The very first step is to set up goals. Make a list of things you wish to achieve through the app and design it accordingly. Make a note of your ideas and goals so that they are easier to access.

Step 2: Draw out ideas

Sketch out your ideas. Make a drawing out of each idea so that you have a clear understanding of what the app will finally look like.

Step 3: Collect data

Collect relevant and informative data that can help you build your app. Look into your competition and how they are designing their app.

Step 4: Prepare frame

Wireframing refers to designing a framework for your app. There are several websites that offer this service and can be used to frame your app.

Step 5: Backend

The next step is to delineate your servers, APIs using available app builders. These provide you tools that can be used to build apps.

Step 6: Demonstrate

Demonstrating it to a friend or relative can help you find out whether your model needs any revision. Show it to those who will provide you constructive criticism so that you can enhance the app.

Step 7: Building

You can now start building your app. If you are using an app builder then they will build it for you. You can modify your app based on the feedback received from friends and family.

Step 8: Looks

You have to pay attention to the way your app looks. Right from the skins to the interface, it has to be convenient to use and look good in order for people to install and use it.

Step 9: Testing

You must once again test your app to ensure everything is working well. Performing a battery test can ensure the app is working according to your expectations.

Step 10: Fixing

If your app can get any better, then now is the time for it. Make any new changes now so that the app works well.

Step 11: Beta testing

Beta test your product in the iOS or the android market. Beta testing helps you see the app as a customer.

Step 12: Release

Next, you can release your app in the android or iOS market.

As you can see, mobile application development in India is quite easy provided you follow the right steps.

New Technologies in Mobile Application Development 2017

Mobile apps are now a part and parcel of everyday life and almost everybody uses one app or another. Most of these apps are built based on the current trend and people’s changing choices & ideas. And just like choices, technology changes considerably, making it important for developers to remain in touch with the latest advancements in the mobile application world.

Here is looking at some of the newest technology doing the rounds in the mobile app market.

Cloud Technology 

Cloud computing is one of the most used technologies these days and for good reason. With cloud technology, the developer can create apps that can be used on several different devices that are all connected to each other. This allows the user more flexibility in terms of using the app and avail full benefit. So, if you are working on an app, it is best to make use of cloud computing for the same.


Technology is now extremely versatile and people prefer to keep it as close to them as possible. This includes wearing the technology like a watch that is connected to the cellphone. Such flexibility provided to the user is sure to catapult the number of downloads your app experiences. For example, WhatsApp provides people the chance to check their messages on their wearable phones.

Hybrids Apps

Hybrid technology is now making a splash in the world of app development. Working across multiple languages and platforms allows the developer the chance to come up with apps that can be used on different devices. Having versatile knowledge on all the different technologies can help you come up with apps that can be used by a variety of people and businesses.

These make for some of the latest technologies to pursue when developing apps for phones.

Frugalnova has always believed in evolving with the changing technology and learning the new trends to keep ourselves ahead in the mobile & web app development world. Our professional application developers always strives to provide the best results in the mobile application development.

Expert Tips for Android Developer for Successful App Development

Android App DevelopmentDespite stiff competition from iOS and windows, android remains one of the most used mobile platforms in the world. Android is a smooth yet flexible platform for app developers to work with and allows them enough room to custom design android applications for specific purposes.

Android app development is now a multi-billion-dollar industry considering the number of apps that get made and released on a daily basis.

An android app development company focuses on creating new apps for companies and individuals based on the need of the season. Say for example if the football season is in full swing, then companies will come up with fantasy league apps and the like. Similarly, each company focuses on a different subject to come up with unique and diverse apps that are sure to be a hit with the masses.

Here are some tips for budding app developers to follow.

The Best App Idea will lead the competition 

If you want your app to survive in the market then you must make an effort to make it the best one. You will have to deal with stiff competition and the only way to popularise your app will be by coming up with one that is unique. You have to aim at beating out your competition to the highest possible extent in order to remain in business.

Being aware of the latest application Trend 

It is important to know about the trending topics and create apps that remain in line. Based on the most popular apps in the market, you can create supplementary or complementary ones. That way, you won’t feel pressured to compete with the trending app and have the freedom to come up with apps that lie in your zone of expertise.

As you can see, it is quite simple to come up with good apps, given you follow a few simple tips.

Frugalnova m0bile app development company, has always been striving in creating awesome apps for our clients awesome ideas. We work with trending application technology and our developers are keen in learning new ways of development / programming updates. We have always tried and will be trying to keep ourselves always ahead in the mobile & web app development world.

Importance of Mobile Apps from Business Perspective

Apps are now an indispensable part of everyday life and make for an important part of routine business activities.Mobile Apps for Business

It is important for a company to incorporate the latest technology and use it to their advantage. As you know, apps are not only easy to use but also extremely efficient in terms of their impact.

You can make use of apps to increase your company’s potential and arrive at higher profits. Here is looking at specific reasons, from a business perspective that makes mobile apps an important part of day-to-day business.

Cost Saving 

It is extremely important to be as cost cutting as possible, especially in this day and age where everything remains quite expensive. By making use of specific apps that are designed to help in carrying out business in the desired manner, a company can effectively cut down on several types of costs including maintenance, production and miscellaneous. The money that is saved can be put to better use for the company’s development.


Mobile apps can help a company go from being mediocre to great in no time at all. Apps are developed for the sole purpose of making things easier. Say for example an engineer uses an app to make complex calculations within a short period of time, which manually would take a long time. Not only will the company benefit from it but also the engineer as he will have more scope to grow than to get stuck in any one place.

As you can see, mobile app development remains a booming business with app developers roaring to come up with different apps meant to serve different types of businesses.